“Green Rocks” Trail

I am a very lucky guy in that I live pretty close (~6 km) to where I work part time and to get there, I can walk, run, bike, drive, take the bus or a combination of those.  There is one little caveat, though.  In order to get to or from the building I work in, I have to go up or down a small mountain.  Elevation gain is 250-270 metres depending on where I start from.

Luckily, there are lots of mountain bike trails that are multi-use for hikers too.  I use  them all the time.  Just this afternoon I ran down one on a run home, one of the options from above.

One of the trails I frequent has a beautiful little section with rocks covered with moss along the side of it and so I like to refer to it as the “Green Rocks” trail.  And it’s an offshoot of one of the main trails so doesn’t get quite the usage which frankly, is quite fine by me.  Because if it did, especially by the bikers, the green rocks would disappear quite quickly.  In fact one of the reasons I’m writing this and posting a couple of pics is because I know sooner or later, this will probably happen.

In any event, it is a lovely section and I’d like to share a it with you🙂

Green Rocks-1
My favourite green rocks

And here’s some more a little further down the trail.

Green Rocks-2
More of the lovely green rocks

I think they’re quite lovely, don’t you?  It always lifts my spirits to see them. And I’m sure you noticed that I didn’t tell you where this trail is, eh?  That’s because it’s not really an “open” trail.  So the less people that use it, the better.

Hope you enjoyed this little ramble.



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